Changes to COVID-19 Protocols

March 20, 2023
Sheila Hedayati
Executive Director
Environmental Health and Safety
March 20, 2023

Additional adjustments have been made to the campus COVID-19 management program as a result of updates from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). These changes will go into effect immediately.


Ending Asymptomatic Testing

Faculty, staff, and students who have an approved COVID-19 vaccination exemption, either medical or religious, will no longer be required to undergo and report weekly testing or wear a mask as part of the non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) requirements.   


Ending Early Isolation for a COVID-19 Positive Person (not applicable to health care workers)

  • Can end isolation and return to work/learning after 5 days (from a positive test) if they feel well, have improving symptoms, and are fever-free for 24 hours. 
  • Will no longer need to provide evidence of a negative test via the PnC Portal. 
  • Must continue to mask until day 10 (from a positive test).

Masking in Healthcare Settings

Beginning April 3, 2023, masks will no longer be required for asymptomatic patients, guests, visitors, vendors or staff at all UCR Health locations. Symptomatic patients must wear a mask as will healthcare professionals who provide care for these individuals. Masking will continue to be encouraged for all individuals.


Continued Reminders

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay at home, use a COVID-19 at-home antigen test, and contact your primary care physician or UCR Student Health Services.  Reporting positive COVID-19 cases through the UCR Screening Check is still required.  


You may also be required to undergo COVID-19 testing as part of UC Riverside's isolation and outbreak protocols.