New Virtual Parking Permits to Launch Summer Quarter

June 2, 2021
UCR Transportation and Parking Services
June 2, 2021

Beginning summer quarter, Transportation Services will integrate new parking software that uses License Plate Recognition (LPR) to improve the parking experience on campus.  What exactly is LPR?  It’s a plate recognition technology that associates a parking permit to a license plate instead of displaying a hang-tag or physical permit.  

LPR will streamline the permit purchasing process as well as simplify day to day operations.  Once purchased, the permit is active immediately on vehicles linked to the permit which will eliminate the need to pick up a physical permit.  It also means not having to worry about forgotten or lost permits.

When purchasing your parking permit, you will be prompted to link your license plate number to your virtual permit.  Up to five vehicles can be connected to your permit, however only one vehicle can be parked on campus at any given time.  You can manage the vehicles linked to your permit by going online to your Parking Account.  

LPR will also be used to enforce campus parking.  With LPR, trained staff are able to enforce vehicles more effectively.  Parking Officers will be scanning license plates instead of manually typing the plate of parked vehicles.  Then, the plate number is compared to our parking database by the software to confirm that the vehicle is registered as having a parking permit.  It’s important to note that for the scans to work correctly, the vehicle license plate must be clearly seen from the driving aisle of the parking space.  That means vehicles that don’t have front license plate must pull into a space nose first.  If a license plate is not registered in the LPR system or is not visible for scanning it will receive a citation.

For detailed instructions on adding a vehicle to your permit, please visit our website at  For questions, please contact Transportation Services at or call (951) 827-8277.