Safety Orientation 2021 training

June 29, 2021
Sheila Hedayati and Gerry Bomotti
June 29, 2021

Dear Campus Community,
Environmental Health and Safety has made significant improvements to content and streamlined the online Safety Orientation course. These changes include more relevant content to support a healthy and safe workplace and reflect Cal/OSHA requirements.
This mandatory training will be assigned to all faculty, staff, affiliates, and volunteers at all UCR locations and must be repeated every three years. If you work, or supervise others who work, in a laboratory or technical area, the required Laboratory Safety Fundamentals training will satisfy this requirement and you will not be required to take the Safety Orientation course.
On July 1, 2021, you will receive an email notification from the UCR Learning Center providing instructions on how to access the course, which must be completed within 90 days. The launch of Safety Orientation is an opportunity to refamiliarize you with general campus safety practices, procedures, and expectations.
For more information, please contact or (951) 827-5528.
Gerry Bomotti,
Vice Chancellor and CFO
Sheila Hedayati,
Executive Director, Environmental Health & Safety