Research Ramp-up updates

June 30, 2021
Rodolfo H. Torres
Vice Chancellor
Research and Economic Development
June 30, 2021

Dear Campus Research Community, 


The Chancellor recently announced the new guidelines in place regarding COVID 19 precautions and restrictions


In particular, labs and research facilities are now allowed to function at 100% capacity, provided new Worksite Specific Plans (WSSPs) are submitted and approved, or WSSPs are updated to include additional lab personnel or additional research activities.  


To further elaborate on this announcement, we are providing an updated matrix to help define the lessened restrictions regarding research with human subjects.  


Visitors, whether human subjects, visiting scholars, or industry partners, are also permitted on campus. Please include them in your Worksite Specific Plan and develop a protocol for ensuring that they follow campus procedures, such as using the Daily Wellness Survey for Research Participants


We appreciate everyone’s contributions to keep research going while prioritizing the health of our community. Thank you for your extended patience, understanding, and collaboration as we navigate our return to normal research conditions.