Employees and students reminded to fill out Daily Wellness Check

September 8, 2021
COVID-19 Management Team
September 8, 2021

UC Riverside students and employees are required to fill out the Daily Wellness Check on days they will be on campus-owned or leased space. Students and employees should only use this link and are advised to bookmark it.

The survey asks about vaccination status, positive test results, COVID-19 like symptoms, exposure to someone known to have COVID-19 symptoms, and/or travel outside of your normal commuting area.

  • Students and employees who receive positive test results, experience COVID-19 like symptoms, or are exposed to someone known to have COVID-19 symptoms should fill out the survey to report such instances even if not on campus. If none of those apply or they won’t be on campus, they do not need to fill out the survey.
  • Students living on campus are required to complete it every day.  Students living off campus are required to fill it out every time they come to campus or go to a UCR property.

If the survey times out or an error is made, students and employees can email COVID19@medch.ucr.edu with their name, a brief description of the error, their phone number, and best time to contact them.

The COVID-19 Management Resource Team will review the information and request additional information if needed. If cleared to come on campus, the team will notify the person of their status and update their supervisor and Human Resources.