Policy Spotlight Series: Consensual Intimate (Sexual or Romantic) Relationships in the Workplace

September 15, 2021
Ian Harazduk
Compliance Analyst & Privacy Officer
Chief Compliance Office
September 15, 2021

The UCR Consensual Intimate (Sexual or Romantic) Relationships in the Workplace (650-74) policy originated in October 2017 for the purpose of preventing real or apparent conflicts of interest and other problems associated with consensual relationships in the workplace. In coordination with UCR’s central Human Resources, the policy underwent technical revisions to transfer Responsible Offices from Human Resources to the Office of Title IX, Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action (Title IX/EOAA) and simplify the consultation process between Human Resources and Title IX/EOAA.

Under the new Responsible Office, the policy is also undergoing a substantive review. The substantive review may consider:
•    Whether/how the policy addresses previous intimate relationships
•    Whether the covered situations are clearly communicated 
•    Who has standing to report concerns
•    The process for assessing appropriate steps for disclosed relationships.  

If substantive revisions are proposed following the review, these revisions will be developed in consultation with stakeholders and shared with the broader UCR community for notice and comment. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the Chief Compliance Office at policy@ucr.edu or 2-8246.