Update on winter quarter instruction

October 20, 2021
Elizabeth Watkins
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
October 20, 2021

Dear Campus Community, 
Earlier this summer, the Instructional Continuity Workgroup consulted with the Academic Senate about instructional planning for Winter quarter. At the time, the Senate recommended planning for a return to normal in-person instruction and we have since been scheduling Winter quarter classes accordingly. 
Last week, I again consulted with the Senate’s Executive Council about Winter quarter instruction, and its members reaffirmed our current in-person plans. In addition, we will continue to allow exceptions for instructors living with immunocompromised individuals or with young children who are not eligible for a vaccine and who are not attending in-person school or daycare. We will further extend this provision for all staff who are able to work from home through Winter quarter.
Instructors will be invited to submit requests for exceptions in early December, through a process similar to that which was implemented for the current Fall quarter. Staff members with similar living situations also will be eligible to request remote work through consultation with their direct supervisors and local HR partners.
With 2-3% Senate-approved online courses and another 2-3% remote courses approved by exception, UC Riverside expects to offer around 95% of our classes in-person in Winter quarter.