COVID-related restrictions rescinded on human subjects research

October 29, 2021
Rodolfo H. Torres
Vice Chancellor
Research and Economic Development
October 29, 2021

Dear campus community,

The university is almost back to full research operations. Some restrictions, however, have still applied to non-clinical human subjects research.

Medical facilities and clinics seeing patients in Southern California are currently operating under much more flexible conditions than those on our campus, which is the case also at some universities that have relaxed COVID-related restrictions applied to human subjects research.

In light of this and after consultation with the Research Ramp-up Committee and EH&S,  the university is rescinding, effective 1 November 2021, all COVID-related restrictions described in a matrix shared earlier. Virtual interventions are still recommended, whenever possible.

Please note: The university still requires that lab PIs use the work site specific plan (WSSP) tool so that EH&S can review and approve procedures on a case-by-case basis. The protocols involving higher risk interventions, as listed in the matrix, may need to provide additional information before approval. The EH&S biosafety officer will assist in assuring that COVID-safe practices are in place and documented, including the use of N95s for research staff when applicable. As always, all protocols involving human subject research need to be approved by our Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Thank you for your continuous efforts in implementing safety measures in our research activities.