Reminder about compassionate clause 

January 28, 2022
Elizabeth Watkins and Gerry Bomotti
January 28, 2022

Dear Colleagues: 

As we prepare to return to in-person instruction, we would like to affirm that the compassionate clause that was in place during the fall quarter for remains in effect. 

As a reminder the Academic Senate endorsed an instructional plan for winter quarter that allows for exceptions to normal course delivery modes through an approval process starting in the home department that is offering the course. These course modality changes (from in-person to remote) applies to instructors who either: 

a.    Live with children under the age of 5 who do not attend in-person school or daycare. 
b.    Are immunocompromised themselves or live with one or more immunocompromised individuals.

As was the case for fall quarter, similar consideration will be provided to any staff member in an equivalent situation and for whom remote work is feasible for winter quarter. 

If remote work is feasible, our campus process requires staff to work with their supervisor(s) to define the most appropriate remote work options that allow staff to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities when away from campus. Most staff and their supervisors have already determined specific working arrangements for winter quarter, but we wish to encourage any staff member who meets the above criteria, and who would like to request an adjustment to their work plan based on these conditions, to approach their immediate supervisor and discuss their situation. 

To promote consistency, supervisors should review employee requests and make recommendations to their organizational unit head (typically a vice chancellor, associate vice chancellor, vice provost, or dean) before finalizing. Approvals are not guaranteed, may not extend beyond March 25, 2022, and should be regularly revisited by supervisors to ensure they meet the workload needs of the unit and remain consistent with current health and safety conditions.