Student update on COVID-19 booster requirement

September 8, 2022
Student Affairs
September 8, 2022

Dear Highlanders, 

IMPORTANT COVID-19 booster vaccine update: 

Due to the Aug. 31 Food and Drug Administration announcement for the change in COVID-19 booster vaccine requirements, you may receive a 30-day COVID-19 exemption that expires on Oct. 1, 2022, which will release your registration hold by messaging and requesting the exemption from the COVID-19 mandate staff. 

This temporary COVID-19 booster exemption is available to: 

1.    Students who have uploaded proof and entered dates for their primary COVID-19 vaccine series in the UC Riverside patient portal. 

2.    Students who are eligible by date to receive their COVID-19 booster vaccine. 

3.    Students who have a COVID-19 clearance Fall registration hold in R’Web due to COVID-19 booster non-compliance. 

How to send a message to the COVID-19 mandate staff: 

Log in to the UCR patient portal, select messages, select new message, choose COVID-19 mandate staff, type your request, and send. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your request. Once the extension is given in the patient portal, it takes one hour to release the COVID-19 hold in your R’Web account. You may need to log out and log back in or refresh your R‘Web account for the most updated view. 

NOTE: If COVID-19 booster vaccines are still unavailable by your expiration date, please message the COVID-19 mandate staff and request an extension.