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Engineering professor win NSF grant to probe ‘time crystals’

The National Science Foundation has awarded UCR Assistant Research Professor Hossein Taheri a $475,000 grant to probe the utility of “time crystals,” which are being studied as a new state of matter. Theorized by the Physics Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek about a decade ago, time crystals are in a way similar to snowflakes, quartz, and silicon...

By David Danelski |

Biofuels trailblazer elected to National Academy of Engineering

Charles E. Wyman has devoted most of his career to understanding and advancing technologies for the conversion of sustainable biomass into fuels, chemicals, and materials

By Holly Ober |

UC Riverside receives NSF grant to improve equity and inclusion in engineering

The project will create a network of leaders across the UC system committed to achieving equity for women faculty in engineering

By Holly Ober |

Can this rare type of ultraviolet light destroy PFAS “forever chemicals” in water?

UC Riverside engineers received a $400,000 NSF grant to find out

By Holly Ober |

Fourteen UC Riverside professors receive NSF CAREER Awards

The number shatters UCR’s record for CAREER Awards set only last year

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Grant supports development of diesel smoke-scrubbing device for marine vehicles

Marine diesel engines spew excessive particulate matter due to absence of proper control technology and less stringent rules

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Poor air quality and warehouses linked to Inland Empire Covid-19 inequities

UC Riverside professors call for intersectional approach to Covid-19 exposure interventions

By Holly Ober |

Poorest Inland Empire communities have highest fine particulate matter exposure

San Bernardino study participants had highest exposure to PM2.5 in their own homes

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Yanran Li receives NIH New Innovator Award

High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program grant will support efforts to produce plant natural products in yeast

By Holly Ober |

Kandis Leslie Abdul-Aziz receives Hellman Fellowship

The award will support development of scalable technology to recycle plastic waste into the precursors of valuable fuels and chemicals

By Holly Ober |

UC Riverside receives a California Education Learning Lab Innovation Grant

$1 million grant will let faculty design hybrid online/classroom courses for engineering success

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