Highlander football 1970

12 photos that tell the Highlanders Football story

UCR student yearbooks show the rise and fall of the mighty Highlanders

January 30, 2019
Author: Madeline Adamo
January 30, 2019

UCR Highlanders football represented the campus from the 1955 through the 1975 college football seasons. The Highlanders originally competed as an Independent before they joined the California Collegiate Athletic

Association (CCAA) in 1969.


During their 21 years of competition, the Highlanders compiled an all-time record of 84 wins, 83 losses and 8 ties (84–83–8), according to Wikipedia. In December of 1975, UCR announced its resignation from intercollegiate football completion because of “poor attendance,” despite winning its conference title two years and posting an undefeated league record, as reported by the Ellensburg Daily Record.