New campus signs and posters help navigate COVID-19 safety rules

More than 5,000 posters go up on campus buildings

August 3, 2020
Author: Imran Ghori
August 3, 2020

A new signage program at UC Riverside will provide an easier way to navigate health and safety rules on campus due to COVID-19.

The visual cues and wording reinforce public health information with messages such as “Face Covering Required” and “Keep Yourself Healthy.”

Posting of more than 5,000 signs on campus buildings began in late July. Additional educational posters and fliers will also be available for download, which individual departments or offices can post at their discretion.

campus signs being put up
Chemical Hygiene Officer and Lab Safety Supervisor Patrick Monnig puts up new signs at the major entry points at Pierce Hall on July 23, 2020 at UCR. (UCR/Stan Lim)

The blue-and-gold-colored signs, which feature UCR’s new visual brand, are a quick way of keeping those on campus informed of the precautions needed to stop the spread of the coronavirus, said Janette de la Rosa Ducut, training director with Environmental Health & Safety. It’s part of the university’s overall efforts to look after the well-being of all students, staff, and faculty members, she said.

“They’re part of a larger educational initiative, which serve to foster healthy habits and prioritize your safety,” Ducut said, comparing them to commonplace signs now at gas stations, restaurants, and stores. “They’re also a reminder that the virus is still with us, and that we must continue to be vigilant in our safety behaviors.”

The most common signs are those informing people of new campus rules such as the requirement for face coverings. The “Keep Yourself Healthy” sign provides a short summary of the different actions one can take to guard against COVID-19. These two signs are posted in every campus building and entrance,  so that they are widely seen by all those working on campus or visiting.

Keep Healthy signs

“Maintain Your Space” signs have been posted in elevators with the new requirement that only one person will be allowed at a time. Up and down directional signs have been added to stairways so those using them do not run into others going in the opposite direction.

Wait here footprints

Yellow floor decals featuring footprints and the words “Wait Here” to ensure proper social distancing have been placed in high-traffic housing and dining areas, as well as the Student Health Center and the HUB.
On a limited basis, “Do Not Use” warnings will be posted in areas that may be closed for safety reasons.

Environmental Health & Safety partnered with Facilities Services to post signs on campus building doors and entrances over a two-day period.

“Things should be more uniform now,” said Susan Marshburn, executive director of Facilities Services.

Additional signs are available for download from the EH&S website so that individual departments or offices can post where needed. They include maximum occupancy signs for conference rooms and workspaces, “Take the Stairs” advisories, “Do not use” for cubicles or rooms, and a “Feeling Sick?” poster listing some common symptoms to watch for.

“We wanted to empower people to move around, but also use these as tools to encourage healthy behaviors,” Ducut said. “So long as these signs are up, so should our guard be.” 

Anyone who puts up one of these signs must use a proper adhesive that is removable and will not damage campus property.

The COVID-19 safety signs are the only ones that do not need to go through the campus’ temporary signage policy approval process.

Click here for more information on EH&S COVID-19 resources.