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On the COVID-19 frontline

William Rall, senior administrative director of Student Health Services, or SHS, at UC Riverside, arrived on campus in August 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Rall, who has 16 years of health care experience at UC Irvine Health and Kaiser Permanente, began his new role with no first-hand knowledge of SHS operations before the...

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Highlanders move into campus housing under new safety rules

It was a different kind of moving day experience for UC Riverside students beginning the fall quarter. Instead of crowds of students and their families packed into parking lots amid a buzz of activity, a small number of students and their families unloaded their belongings in staggered 30-minute intervals over four days from Sept. 25-28. Their...

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Emergency fund created to help employees during pandemic

UC Riverside is launching a program to aid employees hardest hit by the coronavirus with grants of up to $1,000 to help cover unexpected expenses. Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox announced details of the UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund in an email to campus employees on Thursday, Sept. 24. “Understanding that COVID-19 is inflicting great medical and...

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COVID-19 lab begins testing campus community

UC Riverside has begun testing students, staff, and faculty members for the coronavirus with the opening of a new diagnostic lab on campus this month. The lab, located at the Multidisciplinary Research Building, or MRB, began operations in early September. The facility allows the campus to conduct its own independent testing at a faster rate and...

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Early Childhood Services reopens with enhanced safety protocols

UC Riverside’s Early Childhood Services welcomed children back on Monday as it reopened its center almost five months after it closed due to COVID-19. The child care center will operate at a reduced capacity for the summer and has put in place enhanced safety and hygienic protocols, said Davina Bailey, director of Early Childhood Services. “The...

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UCR team receives COVID-19 research grant

A UC Riverside research team is among 20 groups receiving funding to investigate problems related to COVID-19. Elena Kozlova, a doctoral student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program, is working with Margarita Curras-Collazo, an associate professor of neuroscience, on the project. They are partnering with Ruth Gutiérrez Aguilar, a professor of...

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New campus signs and posters help navigate COVID-19 safety rules

A new signage program at UC Riverside will provide an easier way to navigate health and safety rules on campus due to COVID-19. The visual cues and wording reinforce public health information with messages such as “Face Covering Required” and “Keep Yourself Healthy.” Posting of more than 5,000 signs on campus buildings began in late July...

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Summer Physics Academy moves online due to pandemic

The popular Summer Physics Academy held each year by the UCR Department of Physics and Astronomy for high school teachers has a different format this year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all lectures of the 13th Summer Physics Academy are being delivered to the 25 participating high school teachers via Zoom. Hai-Bo Yu, an associate professor...

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UC Riverside engineers are using supercomputers to investigate rapid, CRISPR-based COVID-19 tests

The Palermo Lab will study the interactions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s genetic material with the proteins behind the CRISPR gene-editing system

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Biomedical scientist to explore how COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease are linked

Changcheng Zhou is an expert on atherosclerosis, obesity, and metabolic disorders

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Professor writes song about pandemic in native Basque

Begoña Echeverria wrote "Coronavirus Biru" in memory of her late aunt, Mari Carmen Echeverria Itcea

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Historian’s book added to ‘Escape the News Reading List’

Clifford Trafzer released “Fighting Invisible Enemies: Health and Medical Transitions Among Southern California Indians” in May 2019

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Cell biologist to study coronavirus-related infection of respiratory cells

Prue Talbot, a professor of cell biology at UC Riverside, has received a seed grant to study the COVID-19-related infection of respiratory cells. She and her team will use the funds to test the hypothesis that electronic cigarettes and nicotine increase the ACE2 receptor on respiratory epithelium, providing more binding sites for the virus and...

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Study directly addresses impact of COVID-19 on older men living with HIV

Survey suggests the coronavirus is causing disruption to HIV medication

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Medical students create task force to address COVID-19 community impact

The COVID-19 Student Taskforce, a group of self-organized students in the Inland Empire, is working to create a support network for local community members and mitigate the social, economic, and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The task force was formed in early March this year by a group of UCR School of Medicine students and is comprised...

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Social implications of COVID-19

Data from Illinois, Michigan, and New York shows COVID-19 is disproportionally affecting socioeconomically disadvantaged and racial-ethnic minority Americans. These groups are likely to be among the hardest hit populations nationwide as well. Andrea N. Polonijo, a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Social Medicine, Population, &...

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UCR staff: Offering students shelter

Hundreds of students have moved out, but many more are expected to still live on campus and dozens of staff members remain on the clock.

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