Latest Stories for November 2nd, 2022

Pioneering artist’s mural on display at Rivera Library

A leading figure in Southern California’s modernist movement, painter Stanton Macdonald-Wright often incorporated cross-cultural influences in his colorful, abstract murals. One of those paintings has now found a home at UC Riverside at the Tomás Rivera Library. The large mural, painted in 1970 and titled “Diaspora,” is a good fit for the diverse...

By Imran Ghori |

UCR public policy student meets with Vice President Kamala Harris

Reproductive rights are a central issue that may determine the outcome of the upcoming midterm election. Vice President Kamala Harris met with 75 student leaders from 33 different states on Oct. 14 to review ways to address reproductive rights. Among the students was Catherine Mah, 19, a UC Riverside student and second-year public policy major. Mah...

By Julia Woock |