Writer week exhibit

Library spotlights Writers Week authors

Display allows patrons to learn more about the featured writers and check out their works

February 6, 2024
Author: Imran Ghori
February 6, 2024

The UCR Library is offering the campus community a chance to delve deeper into the works of the authors featured at the 47th annual Writers Week Festival.

In advance of the festival, which will be held Feb. 10 and Feb. 12 - 16, a pop-up exhibit is on display of the first floor of the Tomás Rivera Library.

It’s the first time the library has created an exhibit related to the festival, which offers in-person and virtual events with dozens of literary figures, from up-and-coming authors to luminaries in the field including Dave Eggers, Quincy Troupe, and UCR alum Rigoberto González. UCR’s Writers Week Festival is the longest-running free literary festival in California.

UCR Librarian Steven Mandeville-Gamble said he is a big champion of Writers Week and wanted to do an event in support of it. The library staff coordinated with the directors of the event, who provided a list of all the authors.

The exhibit features two glass display cases and three tables of books by authors featured at Writers Week. A QR code on a nearby sign directs patrons interested in learning more to short biographies of the authors.

A Writers Week display at the the Tomás Rivera Library highlights poets who will be at the event. (UCR/Imran Ghori)

“We really want people to check out Writers Week and not feel intimidated by it,” said Sean Wright,  UCR Library communications specialist.

The display cases highlight authors featured at Writers Week or are being honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Library patrons are free to grab and check out any of the books on the tables.

Most of the authors’ books are available at the library and the rest are on order and will soon be available.

The exhibit is accessible during library operating hours through Feb. 16. More information is available here.