Additional Resources for UCR Students

March 12, 2020
Brian Haynes
Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs
March 12, 2020

Dear students, 

By now you’ve probably seen the announcement from Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox regarding new campus measures designed to help limit coronavirus (COVID-19) risk on the UC Riverside campus. If you have not read the announcement, I encourage you to do so. Please continue to visit the university’s COVID-19 website for frequent updates, as circumstances are changing rapidly. The information section below is meant to provide additional guidance and answer questions about key student services. 

Student Health Services

•    Will I be able to access health care at Student Health Services? Yes. Student Health Services and Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) will remain open for students who are local or remaining on campus. If for any reason, you need to speak with a counselor during this time, please call UCR’s CAPS at 951-826-5531. 

•    What should I do if I’ve recently traveled internationally and need to return to campus? Please refer to the current UCR interim travel policy regarding international and domestic travel. Additionally, please reach out to Student Health Services at 951-827-3031 to begin communication and receive guidance on a possible self-quarantine protocol if you are returning from a country that has been designated high risk.

Remember, if you suspect any flu-like or cold symptoms (coughing, fever, respiratory illness), please contact Student Health Services at 951-827-3031. For students experiencing symptoms, you MUST CALL AHEAD OF TIME to make sure the proper protocols are in place and the medical staff is available. 

Student Support Services

If you need emergency food resources, R’Pantry is accessible to all registered students and can provide basic supplementary foods and hygiene products. R’Pantry will remain open for regular distribution hours for the remainder of this week: 
•    Thursday, March 12 from 1-5 p.m. 
•    Friday, March 13 from 1-5 p.m.
•    Graduate student-only hours Thursday, March 12 from 5-7 p.m.  

During finals week and spring break, R’Pantry can be accessed by appointment only from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. For further questions or more direct support, please email at

To set an appointment at R’Pantry please visit:

For off-campus resources, please visit:

CARE will be open to provide direct services and support to students. CARE Advocates will accommodate and work with students via phone, Zoom, etc. 

Please note, residence hall housing will close for spring break, but residents may remain for an added fee. Apartment and family housing will remain open during the break. There will be some campus dining open over spring break.

Check to see modified hours. If you are able to return to your permanent place of residence during this time, be sure to take items that you will need through at least April 3, including for participation in class instruction remotely.  

International Students

Please contact International Affairs for guidance on requirements for maintaining your visa status, current program options, student employment, and for additional questions at 951-827-4113. 

UCR Student-Athletes

•    Please pay close attention to all communication coming from campus and your faculty members. This information is critically important and should not be overlooked. 
•    Specific to Athletics, you have the option to remain in place at UCR or head home. Either way, please contact your respective head coach and inform your head coach of your specific plans - whether you are staying here or traveling and if you are traveling, to where, when, for how long and when you plan to return. 
•    In the event you remain on campus, the following Athletics Departmental resources are still available to you:
•    Academic Support 
•    Compliance
•    Sports Medicine 
•    Weight Room 
•    Please expect a separate and more detailed communication from Athletics administration via Jump Forward later this evening. 

Transportation Services

In response to the campus efforts to mitigate the potential for transmission of the COVID-19 virus, UCPD and UCR Transportation Services have suspended the Point 2 Point shuttle service effective March 12, 2020 and at least through April 3 or until normal in-person instruction resumes. As an alternative, UCPD will divert the staffing resources from the shuttles to night time on-campus walking escorts available 7 days a week. A walking escort can be requested by calling UCPD dispatch at 951-827-5222. UCPD will notify the community when the Point 2 Point shuttle service resumes normal operations.

University officials are gathering information about issues related to student employment, work study, and financial aid in coordination with the UC Office of the President. Information will be shared as it becomes available. 

We will continue to provide regular updates as this unprecedented situation evolves. Please refer to the latest advisories  and FAQs on the UCR COVID-19 website