UCR Healthy Campus receives funds to promote student well-being

Author: Imran Ghori
March 4, 2020

UC Riverside Healthy Campus has received a $3,500 grant from the American College Health Foundation for a pilot program to study how faculty members can influence student well-being.

The group plans to recruit and train 10 faculty members to incorporate strategies promoting a healthier classroom environment for undergraduates. The study would take place in the fall with students surveyed at the beginning and end of the quarter. Students and faculty members would also take part in focus groups.

Participating faculty members would be selected from a diverse selection of colleges and departments, according to the proposal. Healthy Campus will provide training and consult with them on strategies to create healthy classroom cultures. 

“We anticipate the healthy classroom pedagogy as an intervention will create a more inclusive and welcoming classroom culture, as well as improve students’ overall wellness and academic performance,” said Julie Chobdee, UCR Wellness Program coordinator and Healthy Campus co-chair. 

Students face health challenges such as stress, substance abuse, lack of nutrition, and anxiety from academic and social demands, according to the proposal. Faculty members, teaching assistants, and instructors can play a key role in fostering a positive learning environment that can affect their health and academic performance, the proposal states.

Faculty interested in participating will receive training, incentives, tools, and resources to promote well-being in learning environments. Anyone interested should contact healthycampus@ucr.edu.