Ten campus groups recognized for healthy standards

Author: Imran Ghori
October 15, 2020

UCR Healthy Campus has recognized 10 groups that have achieved high levels of health and well-being standards as part of its new certification program.

Bronze level certification was awarded in late August to the Well, Athletics, Environmental Health & Safety, Harvest Shared Services Center at the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and the School of Medicine Center for Healthy Communities.

Silver level certification was awarded to Risk and Safety Training; College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Facilities Management; UCR Health Administration staff; CHASS dean’s office; and the Palm Desert Center.

Healthy Campus launched the certification program in February to recognize groups or departments that prioritize the health and well-being of managers, faculty, and staff members, and contribute to a healthy culture at UCR.

“Through the Healthy Department certification program, we will build a campus community in which every department contributes to a safe and healthy workplace environment, encourages safe and healthy behaviors, and empowers leadership, faculty, and staff to create an overall healthier UCR,” said Julie Chobdee, UCR Wellness Program coordinator and Healthy Campus co-chair. 

Certification is awarded based on how well the groups score across eight core principles considered necessary to promoting health and well-being. Bronze is given to those scoring at least 60% and silver to those scoring at least 75%. No gold certificates were awarded this year as one of its criteria is two years of continuous certification and the program is only in its first year.