UCR athletics director among the 100 most impactful

Author: Imran Ghori
March 5, 2024

UC Riverside Athletics Director Wesley Mallette has been named one of the “100 Most Impactful People in Men’s College Basketball” by a sports media organization for the second year in a row.

The 2024 list, released recently by Silver Waves Media, includes coaches, directors, event operators, executives, and other professionals seen as making a difference at the highest level.

Wesley Mallette

The group, which also included Mallette in its 2023 list, credits him for leading UCR’s Intercollege Athletics into financial sustainability and its teams to record-setting seasons.

Mallette said it was an honor to be named among so many leaders in college basketball and that he’s proud to lead UCR’s 17-sport program in the Big West Conference. He noted both men’s and women’s basketball teams have established themselves as ferocious competitors in the Big West Conference.

“Building a successful athletics program is not easy but you have to pour into your people,” he said. “You have to invest in their success. And, when you build a strong culture, develop true leaders, ensure you have alignment, focus on the mission, and keep the student-athletes’ best interests first, it all comes together. That's part of the key to our success over the past three years and it is an honor to be recognized for it."