UCR Today Has Become UCR News

Beginning Sept. 12, visit for UC Riverside's news

September 11, 2018
Author: J.D. Warren
September 11, 2018

Beginning Sept. 12, 2018, news of UC Riverside, its students, and its research, can be found on our new news site, All 2018 stories can also be found on the new site.

We hope you will enjoy the vibrant new site, which represents, among many other changes, greater recognition of campus events, student life, and athletics.

Along with the shift, we bid adieu to the “UCR Today” brand, in favor of the straightforward “UCR News.”

If you click on the URL and it does not direct to the new site, you will likely need to refresh your cache. If you’re not sure how to do that, Google “refresh cache” along with the name of your browser (Google, Explore, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

Stories prior to Sept. 12 will continue to be archived on the UCR Today site.