Art sculpture construction underway

The steel, concrete, and garden installation is expected to be unveiled in June

March 26, 2019
Author: Imran Ghori
March 26, 2019

Construction of an outdoor art sculpture in front of the Arts Building is now underway with crews fencing off the walkway and beginning excavation work.

The sculpture, titled “Arts Mall: Roy McMakin Change Things, Things Change,” faced some delays due to rainy weather in February and March, said Jason Espinoza, a project manager with the Department of Architects and Engineers.

The steel, concrete, and garden sculpture is expected to be completed by mid-June, he said. 

Artist rendering of sculpture
An artist's rendering of the planned art sculpture.

The installation will cover a 5,000-square-foot area featuring steel signs, Cottonwood trees, a variety of plants, and sculptural concrete benches and seats.

Work crews plan to remove some existing trees, excavate the existing landscape, demolish existing concrete benches and pour new concrete between now and early May. Demolition work will take place between 4-8 a.m. so as not to disrupt classes.

The steel furnishings, signs, concrete, and new plantings are expected to be installed starting in May.