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Money magazine ranks UCR among nation’s top 50 universities

August 31, 2020
Author: J.D. Warren
August 31, 2020

UC Riverside ranked No. 48 of 739 U.S. colleges in Money magazine’s Best Colleges for Your Money 2020, published Aug. 25. UCR was No. 32 among public universities.

Among universities that accept half of their applicants, Money ranked UCR No. 13 in the country. And on its “Most Transformative Colleges” sublist — which weighs graduation rates, earnings, and student loan repayment — Money ranked UCR No. 34.

The Money magazine list considers universities with at least 500 students that have the required data available, are on sound financial footing, and have a graduation rate above the median in their respective categories, which include public, private, or historically Black. 

Its formula scores universities based on 27 factors in three categories, which include quality, affordability, and outcomes. Quality speaks to graduation rates, including the number of low-income students at an institution. Affordability factors the net cost students pay after aid, borrowing, and repayment. Outcomes considers alumni salary data and social mobility, which is the degree to which students move out of the lowest income brackets.

Given the pandemic’s economic impact, Money tweaked its formula this year to give greater weight to affordability. The No. 48 overall ranking puts UCR in proximity to the likes of Columbia and Cornell universities.

In another ranking, released Aug. 31, UCR was named by Washington Monthly as among the top 15 public universities.