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New look for the UCR events calendar

Process for submitting events remains the same

October 12, 2022
Author: Imran Ghori
October 12, 2022

The UC Riverside events calendar has a new look that allows events to stand out with more prominent images.

The redesign, which launched Monday, Oct. 10, features a cleaner layout that emphasizes images along with the title, date, and time of the event. The process for creating and submitting events remains the same.

UCR uses the Localist platform for the calendar, the central hub for listing campus activities of all types, from lectures to concerts to games.

Event organizers are encouraged to take advantage of the new design and submit a photo or image relevant to the event. Rectangular photos translate better than square photos in the redesign and should be a minimum of 940 by 557 pixels. Avoid the use of fliers or text-heavy images. The submission page allows for cropping of photos to adjust for each image type.

Users can also choose from a photo library in which dozens of high-resolution images from around campus have been added. They can select from general campus images or photos of specific locations including all major buildings and popular spots like the bell tower.

More tips for optimizing photos are available on the Localist website.

Calendar users can still search events by a variety of categories, such as audience or department. The filter search field is now located just below the carousel of featured events, on the right side. Additional calendar resources, such as links to the widget builder, are available in the three-dot menu next to it. 

In the coming weeks, the submissions page will be updated to include guidelines for filling out the different fields.

Some general tips include:

•    Be descriptive, concise, and clear in providing an overview of your event, providing at least 160 characters.

•    Enter a start and end time.

•    Fill out the audience field, where one can choose from students, faculty, etc.

More resources, including video guides to using the calendar, are available from ITS. Localist also offers many resources including this guide to promoting events.