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Parking program waives fees for community events

November 7, 2022
Author: Imran Ghori
November 7, 2022

Event organizers can plan better for parking and save on costs with the return of the rebranded Community Parking Program.

Transportation and Parking Services brought back the program, which had been paused at the start of the pandemic, earlier this year. The renewed program is informing event planners of its return.

Under the program, campus-sponsored events that are free and open to the general public can have their parking fees covered with funding set aside by the Chancellor’s Office.

From concerts to lectures, the program is aimed at reducing event programming costs and encouraging community engagement on campus, said Sharlene Grace Bucasas, events and mobility manager with Transportation Services.

Departments or groups can contact TAPS at 951-827-1295 or to arrange parking for their event.

Groups that use the program are provided a link to a parking app that allows guests to register their license plate and park for free when they arrive on campus.