South Rec Mall steps

New northwest campus pathway opens

Walkway creates new campus connections

December 19, 2023
Author: Imran Ghori
December 19, 2023

A walkway providing easier access at the northwest corner of campus, including to a new student housing complex, is now open.

The South Recreation Mall project began construction in spring and was completed this month.

The new concrete path runs alongside the UCR Soccer Field and links through a new stairway to an existing path to the north next to the UCR Track Facility. Just north of that area, the North District Phase 2 student housing project is under construction.

The stairs feature a bicycle runnel, a channel built to the side where bicyclists can wheel their bicycles up or down a small groove. A wheelchair-accessible ramp was built to the side. 

A new scoreboard was installed at the UCR Soccer Field. (UCR/Imran Ghori)

Previously an undeveloped dirt area, the new path links to an existing walkway that goes west to Canyon Crest Drive. It also connects to the Student Recreation Center, the Multidisciplinary Research Building, the Materials Science and Engineering Building, and North Campus Drive. 

As part of the project, a new scoreboard was installed at the soccer field as well as new fencing. Other improvements included landscaping, an irrigation system, and light poles.