RTA bus

RTA offers two ways for UCR community to ride the bus

Swipe your R’Card or use the mobile app

February 20, 2024
Author: Imran Ghori
February 20, 2024

UC Riverside students, staff, and faculty members can once again use their R’Card to ride Riverside Transit Agency buses.

Riders can simply swipe their campus identification card at the electronic fare box when boarding. They can also use the agency’s Go Mobile app to activate a pass on their smartphone. Learn how to activate your pass here.

For more than a decade, UCR’s Transportation and Parking Services department has partnered with RTA to offer free unlimited rides to the campus community, seven days a week. 

Previously, UCR employees and students could use their R’Cards before RTA switched to Token Transit. The agency has since phased out Token Transit and introduced its own GoMobile app.

RTA currently offers service on 32 local fixed routes, three CommuterLink express routes, and Dial-A-Ride, with five routes that make direct stops at UCR.

Ridership records for July 2023 to December 2023 show a total of 128,534 passenger boardings by the campus community. Route 56, which goes through campus, averages about 1,500 rides per month.

Find out more about current routes at Riverside Transit Maps and Schedules.