parking dispenser

New parking dispensers installed in campus lots

Machines offer alternative ways to pay

May 1, 2024
Author: Imran Ghori
May 1, 2024

UC Riverside Transportation Services has installed new self-service parking permit dispensers at eight lots and the two campus entrance kiosks.

The new permit dispensers, installed in March, provide an additional way to pay for short-term parking along with the ParkMobile app. The machines accept most credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet but do not take cash or coins.

A new parking dispenser in Parking Lot 30. (UCR/ Malinn Loeung)

They replace old machines that were no longer functioning. Transportation Services prioritized replacing machines in lots with heavy visitor usage such as the one near Botanic Gardens and Parking Lot 4 near the Barn, said Yasser Jabbari, operations coordinator for Transportation Services.

The new machines are solar powered with 4G LTE connectivity and are slender models that take up less space.

Campus parking lots also recently switched from pay-by-space numbered spaces to general short-term spaces. The numbers have been replaced with “ST” painted on the ground in the short-term parking areas. There was no change in the amount of parking available.

The numbered spaces were no longer needed as the new dispensers and the Park Mobile app allow customers to enter their vehicle license plate number, Jabbari said.