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Fields of green

Nearly 170 turfgrass professionals, academics and scientists met at the annual Turfgrass & Landscape Research Field Day at the UC Riverside Agricultural Operations Research Station on Sept. 15 to learn about the latest research on turfgrass. They discussed topics including drought management, drought tolerant species and cultivars, weed control...

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NSF bestows CAREER Awards on 11 UC Riverside professors

Eleven UCR faculty have been honored by the National Science Foundation this year

A summer of particle physics

Three UC Riverside undergraduates just finished internships at CERN in Switzerland

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Antiferromagnetic hybrids achieve important functionality for spintronic applications

UC Riverside-led study shows robust spin transport at antiferromagnet/ferromagnet interfaces

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Highlanders mentor teens aspiring to STEM careers

Approximately 70 high school students who are considering careers in STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math, industries spent three days at the UC Riverside campus engaging with industry experts and other teens from surrounding Riverside and San Bernardino County high schools, many of them from Riverside Unified School District. STEM...

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Formation of black holes linked to spatial dimensions

More spatial dimensions can facilitate the collapse of gas, UC Riverside study finds

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International project tracks climate change effects on freshwater dwellers

National Science Foundation grant enables UCR/Brazilian partnership

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UCR biogeochemistry professor wins Geological Society high honor

Examinations of ancient Earth inspire search for life on distant worlds

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Rare bloom draws record crowds to UCR Botanic Gardens

It was the little plant that raised a big stink for a brief window of time. The UC Riverside Botanic Gardens drew record crowds over the past week with visitors from all over Southern California coming by to catch a glimpse and whiff of Little Miss Stinky. The rare corpse plant, which grew from 1999 seeds and was acquired in 2007, began blooming...

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Corpse plant ready to bloom at the Botanic Gardens

A rare sight — and smell — is on display at the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens with a corpse plant expected to bloom in the coming days. This will be the first time it has bloomed since the gardens began growing the tropical plant, officially known as Amorphophallus titanum, in 2007 from seeds acquired from the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and...

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NASA fellowship fuels doctoral student’s search for alien life

Daria Pidhorodetska examines Earth-like planets for habitability

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Astronomer shares excitement over James Webb Space Telescope images

Bahram Mobasher is at Paris meeting to decide how to use the new data

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Local high school teachers get up to date with physics

Summer Physics Academy is offered in person at UCR after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Graduate student receives predoctoral fellowship for epilepsy research

Andrew Huang, a biomedical sciences graduate student at UC Riverside, has been awarded a one-year American Epilepsy Society Predoctoral Research Fellowship. The $30,000 award includes $1,000 for Huang to use as travel funds to attend the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society in December 2022. He will also receive a complimentary...

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Using sheep brains to make waves

There was a time when Brain Awareness Day, which takes place each April, was just about the only outreach activity of the UC Riverside Neuroscience Graduate Students Association, or NGSA. But that changed when second-year graduate student David Nikom came to UCR in September 2020 from the University of Massachusetts Amherst after receiving his...

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Highlander Class of 2022 celebrates commencement

UC Riverside held 12 commencement ceremonies over the past week, attracting thousands of graduates and their families in the biggest in-person graduation celebration on campus since before the pandemic. The ceremonies began Friday, June 3, and concluded Monday, June 13. A total of 7,272 students were eligible to graduate. That included 1,117...

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UCR researchers win Climate Resilience and Community Access grant

The Center for Conservation Biology at UC Riverside is among eight recipients of Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy's new Climate Resilience and Community Access grant program. The $400,000 grant will aid efforts to study climate resilience and improve the capacity to respond to climate change and outdoor equity. The project, titled “The Desert...

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Student org plants 240 trees at Southern California park

Seven UC Riverside student volunteers from the College of Science and Natural Sciences, or CNAS, joined wildlife experts from the Riverside County Parks (or RivCoParks) in planting 240 native riparian trees at Hidden Valley Wildlife Area in Jurupa Valley, California. The project was led by UCR’s Society for Ecological Restoration (or UCR-SER), a...

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UC Riverside scientists dominate entomology society awards

Web of outstanding professionals ensnares top honors

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Gift to UCR enables Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program’s first award

Yuqi Ma, a doctoral student in the Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology, is the first recipient of an award of $10,000 from the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, or CNAS, made possible by a gift from the Leonard Family Foundation. The Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program at UCR is the first graduate program selected for...

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