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UC Riverside receives NSF grant to improve equity and inclusion in engineering

The project will create a network of leaders across the UC system committed to achieving equity for women faculty in engineering

By Holly Ober |

Can this rare type of ultraviolet light destroy PFAS “forever chemicals” in water?

UC Riverside engineers received a $400,000 NSF grant to find out

By Holly Ober |

Grant supports development of diesel smoke-scrubbing device for marine vehicles

Marine diesel engines spew excessive particulate matter due to absence of proper control technology and less stringent rules

By Holly Ober |

Poorest Inland Empire communities have highest fine particulate matter exposure

San Bernardino study participants had highest exposure to PM2.5 in their own homes

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Yanran Li receives NIH New Innovator Award

High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program grant will support efforts to produce plant natural products in yeast

By Holly Ober |

Kandis Leslie Abdul-Aziz receives Hellman Fellowship

The award will support development of scalable technology to recycle plastic waste into the precursors of valuable fuels and chemicals

By Holly Ober |

UC Riverside trustee establishes engineering equipment endowment

Nora Hackett’s gift will fund engineering instructional lab instruments and equipment

By Holly Ober |

Bigger data, better materials

UC Riverside-led project combines physics-based modeling and machine learning to discover new materials for more efficient chemical separation and better lithium ion batteries

By Holly Ober |

Two engineers receive University of California grants for cancer research

Yanran Li and Joshua Morgan will investigate bioengineered approaches toward treating cancer

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Recent CEE Ph.D. Graduate Wins CA-NV Section Academic Achievement Award, Moves on to Compete Nationally

Michelle Chebeir, recent Chemical and Environmental Engineering graduate of the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering, won the California-Nevada American Water Works Association (AWWA) Academic Achievement Award – Doctoral 1st Place and will move on to compete nationally. The annual award encourages academic excellence by recognizing...

By Katharine Hall |

Team from Costa Rica and UC Riverside Creates Biophotovoltaic Technology

Claudia Chaves Villarreal, a Ph.D. candidate in materials science and engineering in UC Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering, received a 2018 AAAS Pacific Division Alan E. Leviton Student Research Award

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