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UCR research “blew our minds,” says Scientific American

Recognition keeps coming in for UCR assistant research professor Hossein Taheri for his work with “time crystals,” which are being studied as a new state of matter. Scientific American last month named Taheri’s work as one of “6 Times Quantum Physics Blew Our Minds in 2022.” The article is an end-of-year wrap up that summarized a more detailed...

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Teaching professor receives Regents Faculty Fellowship

Jia Chen, an assistant teaching professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been awarded a Regents Faculty Fellowship by the UCR Academic Senate’s Committee on Research to support her design and development of new models that can improve our ability to handle heterogeneous data used in machine learning and data science. The one-year, $9...

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Engineering faculty join center to improve STEM pipeline for underrepresented students

Jia Chen and Vagelis Papalexakis collaborate with UT Rio Grande Valley on project

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Multimodal sensing and learning project receives Air Force Office of Scientific Research grant

Salman Asif will develop a new framework to co-design sensing and learning algorithms to capture and efficiently process only the most essential data

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Will Brillouin spectroscopy become as indispensable for science as Raman spectroscopy?

Review paper identifies new twists and turns in light scattering spectroscopy

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Jay Farrell named new endowed chair

The KA Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering established through $1 million gift

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Bir Bhanu named a National Academy of Inventors fellow

Bhanu holds 18 U.S. and international patents with several others pending

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Electro-magnetic capacitors could eventually rival gasoline for energy storage

Incorporating a magnetic field could help capacitors store more energy without breaking down

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Two BCOE professors join DOE Energy Frontier Research Center

Alexander Balandin’s Phonon Optimized Engineered Materials Center will contribute to the Ultra EFRC’s research efforts by investigating acoustic phonons and thermal conduction in wide-band gap materials

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Mihri Ozkan elevated to National Academy of Inventors Fellow

Ozkan is the first woman in the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering and the fifth UC Riverside professor to join the National Academy of Inventors.

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Data-driven discovery of one-dimensional materials

Balandin and Bartels receive $1.12 million grant to discover new van der Waals materials

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Electrical engineer receives the Faculty Research Lecturer Award

Bir Bhanu is a distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering and the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns Endowed Presidential Chair in Engineering

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New group of light pulses for a faster internet

Dissipative pure quartic solitons carry similar amounts of power at different frequencies, making them particularly suitable for power-efficient high-data-rate optical communication

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Balandin receives Brillouin Medal for graphene phonon research

Alexander Balandin, a distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC Riverside, has received the Brillouin Medal from the International Phononics Society

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ECE Professor Wei Ren Wins IEEE Control Systems Society Antonio Ruberti Young Researcher Prize

Wei Ren, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCR BCOE, has been awarded the 2017 IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Antonio Ruberti Young Researcher Prize for “pioneering contributions to distributed coordination and control of multi-agent systems”. The award was presented during the CSS Awards Ceremony at the 2017 IEEE Conference...

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