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Entomology Teaching Garden opens on campus

Researchers’ goal is to attract native pollinators to the garden for study

By Iqbal Pittalwala |

UC Riverside scientists dominate entomology society awards

Web of outstanding professionals ensnares top honors

By Jules Bernstein |

UCR entomologist wins Japan’s biggest prize for young researchers

Naoki Yamanaka, associate entomology professor, recognized for work on steroids

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National society honors entomology professor

Insect-studying colleagues applaud John Heraty for his leadership

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UCR entomologists’ reputations soar with new awards

Entomological Society of America honors three from UCR

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UCR entomologists win grants to develop pesticide alternatives

Kerry Mauck and Chow-Yang Lee both win California Department of Pesticide Regulation grants for innovative projects

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Entomologist wins royal society medal for book on true bugs

The Royal Entomological Society has bestowed its Westwood Medal upon entomology professor Christiane Weirauch for her work on true bugs — a group of insect that includes plant attackers and human disease spreaders as well as natural pest controllers.

By Jules Bernstein |

Entomologist wins NSF CAREER grant to study bumblebee queen genes 

Hollis Woodard, an assistant professor of entomology, has won a coveted award from the National Science Foundation to study the genetic underpinnings of bumblebee queen behavior.

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