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Keeping the campus in bloom

Bright blooms can be spotted around the UC Riverside campus with new spring flower plantings. In May, Facilities Services planted over 800 flowers in key areas of campus that are expected to bloom all summer long. It’s part of a regular rotation to provide variety and vibrant colors timed to different seasons by the Landscape Services team. At the...

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What UCR is doing to reduce waste

As UC Riverside marks Earth Month with a number of activities, the campus is taking more steps to meet its zero-waste goal. Facilities Services now diverts over half of the material previously sent to landfills to recycling and composting streams. A recent change in waste haulers has allowed the campus to recycle and compost even more material...

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New garden enhances UCR’s bee-friendly status

A garden has been planted near UC Riverside’s westside entrance, providing a new look to the strip of land while creating a more sustainable and bee-friendly environment. Facilities Services removed grass turf from the 3,200-square-foot area in front of Parking Lot 1, across from Hinderaker Hall, and replaced it with plants, trees, and cobblestone...

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After dark: Meet the campus crew working the night shift

At night, UC Riverside’s campus looks different as the daytime hustle and bustle gives way to a quiet stillness. But behind the scenes, a busy group of employees is responsible for keeping vital operations running. The overnight shift includes police officers patrolling the campus, custodial crews cleaning buildings, and Dining Services employees...

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New inventory maps campus trees

The UC Riverside campus has all sorts of trees, from mature oaks that date to the 1950s to rare varieties such as a single monkey puzzle tree near Olmsted Hall. But until recently there were no precise records of the number of trees, their location, the type of species, and their condition. A partial inventory was started in 2014 but never...

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Project increases gender inclusive restrooms on campus

A newly renovated restroom at UC Riverside’s Spieth Hall is part of a pilot project to add more gender inclusive facilities on campus. The project represents a major step towards increased accessibility for members of the transgender, gender-nonconforming, and LGBT community on campus who have advocated for more gender inclusive restrooms in...

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More than 40 new water stations installed on campus

Finding a chilled and filtered drink of water at UC Riverside is easier than ever. The UCR Healthy Beverage Initiative, part of the larger UC Healthy Beverage Initiative, has completed installation of 47 new hydration stations and water fillers throughout campus. The installations, which were delayed in part due to the pandemic, began last year and...

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Facilities Services projects spruce up campus

UC Riverside classrooms received a fresh shine while campus grounds were spruced up as part of 195 summer projects completed in advance of the fall quarter. Facilities Services completed the deep cleaning of about 100 classrooms as well as many restrooms, lecture halls, common spaces, and lounges as part of the regular maintenance in advance of...

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Facilities Services seeks to streamline project request process

UC Riverside’s Facilities Services has launched a new request process for campus construction and maintenance requests that is aimed at increasing efficiency. The change, which will be implemented over the coming months, affects how schools and colleges submit new faculty projects such as interior remodeling and other space adjustments. Adam...

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Facilities Services projects process changes

In order to support the campus’ increasing project needs and improve our campus spaces for faculty, students, and staff, Facilities Services will be making a change to its project process for new faculty projects, interior remodels, and other space adjustments requiring multiple skilled-trades work. Since the summer of 2016, Facilities Services, FS...

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Custodian recognized as ‘exceptional’ by industry magazine

Irma Andrade, a senior custodian with UC Riverside’s Facilities Services, has been honored by an industry magazine as an exceptional employee with an attention to detail. Andrade was featured as one of the “Faces of the Frontline” in a recent issue of Clean Link, an online site which covers the cleaning industry. The article describes how she’s...

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What to expect when buildings reopen

UC Riverside is beginning to open up its core campus again, returning to daytime weekday access for campus buildings. Starting Aug. 16, Facilities Services will begin unlocking and locking buildings at their normal operating hours as the campus prepares for the return of more in-person work and instruction this fall. Campus buildings had been...

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Coffee, pastries — and veggies

Free R’Garden vegetables available at chancellor’s coffee socials.

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